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This is the pump that started it all. Durable, reliable, good looking and it supports high horsepower. Perfect for the daily driver that doesn't run like a daily driver.
Fuel Injected Engines: 700 lbs/hr, 45psi, 13.5 Volts
up to 1300 HP - naturally aspirated
up to 1000 HP - forced air induction
Carburetted Engines: 900 lbs/hr, 8psi, 13.5 Volts
up to 1500 HP - naturally aspirated
up to 1200 HP - forced air induction
ORB-10 inlet and outlet ports
For EFI applications use regulator P/N 13101 or P/N 13109
For Carburetted applications use regulator P/N 13204
Fully submersible for custom, in-tank placement
Perfect for "blow-through" carburetted engines up to 1200 HP
Billet Speed Pump Controller (P/N 16306) recommended for EFI street applications

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Product Specification

  • SKUAER11101
  • BrandAeromotive
  • HSNAER11101
  • Weigh4.000 kg

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